5 Important Life Lessons That I’ve Learnt

Here are 5 important life lessons that I’ve learnt, that i wish someone had told me when i was younger. Cos over the years I’ve always put so much pressure on myself. I’ve alway  really wanted to achieve everything all at once. As well as have that picture perfect life. Unfortunately that isn’t realistic.

Yeah, having a nice car, house or even a healthy bank balance is nice and anything. But doesn’t make you happy and fulled!

Health Is The Number 1 Priority

Being successful and ambitious is great. But if your job becomes your life where you don’t have any free time to relax, then you may want to think about yourself a little more. Have a much better work-life balance. Just remember…. money isn’t everything!

Appreciate Your Journey

It’s very easy to worrying about everything little thing. Like, what is the  future going to be like, will i have any regrets! Things like these, you can’t alway control. So instead of focusing so much time on thing you can’t control, you need to start to focusing a lot more on what you can control. Be happen with thing you’ve got right now. And appreciate everything as it comes your way!

Everyone Has Their Own Timeline

When i left school i had no idea what i wanted to do for a career- so i just carried on with my education and study a-levels. Once i finished, i still didn’t have any clue of what i wanted to do. Therefore, i ended up enrolling onto a computer networks engineering course.

Fast forward a year, a lot of things have change – one the mains thing’s is that I’ve graduated with a bachelors engineering degree, but what hasn’t changed is that i am still unsure with what career path i would like to go into.

Still, this hasn’t stop me from working (It may not be the ideal job), But hey, money is money! The thing to remember is that life isn’t a sprint! Having an idea of what you want to do straight away is great, but if you don’t thenthat also great too. Don’t worry about what others are doing and just focus on yourself and do what’s right for you.

One Of The Best Ways To Learn Is Simply To Start

When i first applied to study computer networks engineering i didn’t have any background knowledge – but as i began to starting making friends, and fortunately a few of them already knew certain things, so we would work together and help each other out. Never wait for someone to give you a ‘go ahead’ signal, because you may end up waiting for a long time. Just go ahead and do it, otherwise you may regret it!

Give Back Is Rewarding

Since we have a limited amount of time on this earth, wouldn’t it be great if you got to do something really rewarding. This could simply be a smile or a hello; which could actually turn someones frown into a very big smile!

It’s never to late to make a difference. So make sure to go out there and make it happen.

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