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Skincare Review | Benefit ‘The POREfessional’ Primer.

If you know me and my blog, you will know that i alway share my honest opinion with you. So when i recieved these two Benefit ‘The porefessional’ primers in my birchbox a few months ago, i thought i that would go ahead and share my review……that is well over due! I like to to get a full use out of a product in order to give a fair and honest review. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but i don’t particularly like to read a review on a product that they have only used for a week. 

Before receiving these primers, i had never tried an of the benefit products before hand. but from now on i will be using this primer underneath my make up everyday. I LOVE them!!!


Skincare Review | Balanceme Natural Skincare

Me being a complete skincare junky, i am alway on the look to try any new brand or ranges. I do believe that skincare is on of those things that we all must pay attention to. There isn’t any point in spending lot’s of money on makeup to cover up our skin if we aren’t spending money in order to make sure that our skin in up to scratch underneath it. Balanceme brand in stocked in boots, and is one that i am often drawn to because of there whole brand being around everything natural. 


Shampoo and Conditioner I Am Currently Using

For many years now, i have try so many hair care products. they have either work but not for very long or haven’t worked at all. They have range from low, middle to high-end brands. Since putting highlights in, i have been on the hunt for a shampoo and conditioner that won’t completely dry my hair out nor will it moisturiser my hair too much, to were it make’s my hair really oily. So here is my thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner that i am currently using.


Makeup Products To Cover Blemishes

Since i was a teenager, i have been extremely insecure about  my skins appearance…especially my face. The main reason for my insecurity about the appearance of my face is that i suffered acne. And now i have been left with very dark and noticeably blemishes and scars. Over the years, I’ve probably tried well over 25+ different foundations and concealer [including, budget price brand and more highly priced brand], in order to find that one product with will hide  every scar and blemish on my face!