My New Years Resolution.

Starting a Healthier Lifestyle – Getting into shape or losing weight has never been my top priority. Where as, trying to have a healthier lifestyle, is definitely something i really wanted to one on main new years resolution. So i’m hoping that 2019 will be my year.

Stop procrastinating: This is by far the biggest barrier that prevents many people from being able to reach their goals. But once you gotten used to procrastinating, it can become quite difficult to snap yourself out of it. We a little hard work, reaching you goal will become easier to achieve. 

Become more confident and take some chances – Being confident can be harder than it sound, especially if your shy like me. How i manage to come across more confident, is to push myself out of my comfort zone more often, think more positive about the outcome and face my fears. I had found that pushing myself a little, definitely boosts myself-confidence as well as making my overall life a lot more fulfilling! 

Learn to be happier with your life – Many times in my life, i have definitely felt as thought life gets the better of me and worrying about how my life should look like. Since i’ve been allowing myself not to worry about things too much, i must say that i feel a lot happy and less stressed. Learning how to be a little more patience and reducing the amount of stress that’s in your life can make a huge difference to you outlook on life.

Spend more time with the people that matter – Life is one of those things that’s shouldn’t be wasted, especially on people that don’t deserve your time. Instead your should be spending your time with people that matter and care about you.

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