From The Worst To The Best Reality TV Shows.

Who doesn’t love watching reality?! If you love them just as much as i do then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post i’ve listed from the worst to the best reality tv shows – i mean the kind of shows that i won’t be canceling my plan to go a watch, but on the other hand i will gladly allow it to consume my life, as the genre really goes like that.

RHOBH' Season 11: Everything We Know So Far

Real Housewives 

There are a fair few versions of this style of show, from Beverley Hills to Cheshire but Beverley Hills definitely has everyone talking. I’m wondering if you can just pick up on the lastest season or do you have to start right from the beginning?

The Circle cast: meet the contestants on the Channel 4 game show

The Circle 

I haven’t reall gotten into this show to be perfectly honest. I don’t really don’t get the whole hype around this show – i’m not sure whether the has to be watched from the beginning to be able to get fully invested in, or that i’m missing some trick. The bottom line is probably that this show just isn’t for me.

The Only Way Is Essex 2021 start date as Series 28 arrives on ITVBe | Reality TV | TellyMix

The Only Way Is Essex

Back in the day (“god, i sound old saying that”)  when the iconic cast was about, i could sit down for a good few hour binge watching it back to back, but now…’s for me anymore. I’m fully aware that reality tv is fake, but towie now seems so fake, and the set up is like watching a really bad acted soap. Sorry! I find pretty suprised at how long it’s actually been going on for, and it really did kick-start reality tv here in the UK. I just feel that it has lost it’s spark.

Made In Chelsea 2021 cast and spoilers from series 21 | Reality TV | TellyMix

Made In Chelsea

I’ve never managed to get fully into the show, eventhough i love watching reality tv and enjoy seeing people living their best lives…unfortunately this show hasn’t got me hooked. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Gets Premiere Date For Final Season on E! – Deadline

Keeping Up With Kardashians

It doesn’t need any introduction. I love seeing what they get up to in their lurdicrous lives. It has alway been iconic regarding the format of the drama that goes down on social media and then airs on the show show 6 months later. It creases to amaze me that middle-aged women have full-on catfights, plus the amount of balloons and flowers they have for birthdays is also mind blowing. It really is going to be missed!

Geordie Shore 'being reworked as a dating show' - Media Mole

Geordie Shore 

The ultimate comfort watching, ain’t it? It’s really a group of young people living together having the time of their lives and getting drunk every day. It’s so outrageous and dramatic at times but you can tell theres no acting involved, instead they are genuinely and completely out there! 2019-11-12T18:14:58+00:00 monthly 0.7 ...

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

This show is wholesome, hilarious and dramatic. I really can’t get enough of it. I enjoy seeing celebs in a completely different environment, and get an insight into their personality that we rarely, as well as the challenges are absoulately hilarious – plus we can’t forget Ant and Dec, the are reall the best and makes the show enjoyable to watch. 

Gogglebox fans stunned to discover the truth about Jenny and Lee's caravan - Manchester Evening News


Who could have imagine that watching other people, watching tv shows like naked attraction in their own homes, could be so funny and entertaining. There’s not many funny tv shows that will make you cry with tears and has your belly hurting from laughing too much…well this one i can guarantee will do that every time! Oh and we can’t forget the lovely friendship of Jenny and Lee. Remember the time Lee thought that Jenny’s face mask was a dip for his crisps – that still make me laugh now! If you haven’t seen it then go find the clip over on youtube. 

Comment below, what’s your favourite and non-favourite reality tv show? Let me know in the comments below…

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