Easy Vegan Pancake Recipe

Who fancies a stack of fluffy vegan pancakes? They are prefect wake up call to the morning and this recipe is super easy to make…yum! Use you favourite plant-based milk and add vegan choc chips, blueberries, or anything else that you like.

20 Things To Do In Feb

Well done everyone, we’ve bloody done it! We’ve all survived the Christmas comedown otherwise known as January and we’re all excited to move n with our lives and the rest of 2020 now.

12 Ways To Make Yourself A Priority

A New Year comes with a whole lot of pressure to shake things up in your life and to make grand resolutions that often become overwhelming to uphold. The happiness very quickly become compromised by what you think you should do, as well as what is being dictated by social media and in magazines.



NEW POST: EASY VEGAN PANCAKE RECIPE. http://www.leannedenton.co.uk/easy-vegan-pancake-recipe/

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