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From Worst To The Best Reality TV Shows.

In this week’s post, i’ll be discussing the best and worst of reality tv – i mean the kind of shows that i won’t be canceling my plan to go a watch, but on the other hand i will gladly allow it to consume my life, as the genre really goes like that.

From Hulu to trailblazing series, here is a look at the real-life shows that have given me some kind of feels.


Staycation Packing 101

It’s summer everyone and you know what that means?? TRAVEL! For obvious reasons, this year it will be in the confines of our country, but it’s still travel nonetheless to say. It might not be around the streets of spain, sun bathing on white sandy beaches, you’ll still be in great company espacing the confines of your day to day and there’s a little bit of sunshine involved then who cares the destination….your on holiday baby!!


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Finding the perfect present can sometimes be quite tricky thoughts – you are wanting to get a unique father’s days gift that he’ll actually use – something that’s meaningful, funny or a bit of both.  So i’ve rounded up some of the best father’s day gifts for every kind of father figure in your life – stepdad, father-in-law, grandad, brother.


Coffee Table Styling Accessories

Does anyone else agree that styling coffee tables feels like a peak of adulthood?? Me too. There’s a fine line between the needs of functionality and aesthetics has never been more key in a living space, which is considered the hub of the home – a place where guests visits plus housing you daily bits and bobs, as well everything else inbetween- clutter but still making it cool. Everyday essentials whilst making it edgy.