Meet Echo and Enzo

Hello! I thought was about time that i introduced you to Echo and Enzo. They brothers, who love each so much that they are totally inseparable.

Hello, my name is Echo,

  • I’m 7 months old.
  • I live with my brother Enzo.
  • I love to eat, I especially love to eat lettuce and kale.
  • I love to snuggle up in fluffy blankets and have all of my owner’s attention – I tend to get very jealous when my brother gets the attention!
  • I love nap time – it’s a hard life eating, playing.
  • I enjoy annoying my brother.
  • I love to lie and watch tv.
  • I especially love my water.

Hello, my name is Enzo,

  • I’m 7 months old.
  • I’m always looking for different ways to escape.
  • I enjoy running around my cage and making it super hard for my owner to pick me up for playtime.
  • I love, love to eat. Hay is my favourite food but does always like kale. The evey morning I squeak at my owner because I want more food.
  • My favourite place to sit in my cage is on my stool – I love being the boss.
  • I enjoy cuddle time and watching tv.
  • My favourite drink is water.

Okay, I think I will leave it there for now! I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about my super cute, furry little friends.

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