Non-fuss Mediterranean Mezze Platter

This amazing and bursting of flavour mezze is a selection of small plates and savory dishes, which can be found throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East.

If your looking for a food dish that is bursting with flavours from all around the world. A meeze can be enjoyed as the main snack board supper itself, or an all-day grazing board, if you’re no longer loving the idea of breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Whoever your sharing your house with right now, this platter is a food lovers dream as well as being the prefect way to enjoy a sociable and leisurely meal at home while chilling in the garden or playing games around the table.

shallow focus photo of grape fruits

Assembling your Mezze

The whole mezze experience is more about the visual feast as it is about the taste but that doesn’t mean you have be fancy with the presentation. You are the artist of your own mezze masterpiece. The main rule of thumb is to make sure it colourful, plentiful and is severed on the biggest platter you can find. 

You’ll be able to purchase all of these ingredients on your weekly shop. So if your looking for something thats low maintenance and super simple to prepare for mealtimes, well a mezze is your guy.


Serve with a variety of breads or warm toasted pittas alone with a generous bowl of dipping oil and balsamic vinegar. 


Add some veggies to your platter with raw carrots, sweet peppers and roasted asparagus spears. 

Dips & Sauces 

No mezze is complete without party dips and sauces. Load up your platter with houmous and sour cream – put them into little sauce dipping bowls and nestle them amongst the rest of your ingredients to make it for easy dipping. 


Grapes make for a great palette cleanser after you’ve been up for a second helping of salty cheese and salami.

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Cured meats 

Dry-cured meats like salami and prosciutto are delicious with olives and bread. You can also try wrapping prosciutto around asparagus – this is the best finger food going. 

Sun-dried tomatoes

A simple way to throw in those Mediterranean flavours is to add in some marinated sun-dried tomatoes – perfect to complement that tangy feta. 


The best choice of cheese for a Mediterranean mezze is mozzarella balls, but halloumi or whatever you’ve got in your fridge will work just fine.  


Once you’ve finished assembling your mezze, decorate your spread with a few fresh springs of rosemary – it doesn’t just smell great, it also adds texture and visual interest against the backdrop of all the vibrant mezze colours.

And there you have it, a foodie’s masterpiece! Drizzle and dunk to your heart content.

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