Summer Essential Pasta Salad Recipe

Summer is here! And is all about enjoying the warmer weather and living easy…but seriously, this is much simpler than you think. There is something about warmer weather when the only tasty dish is a good old fashion summer pasta salad. It should be a mandatory summer dish, that should be dished up at least 4/5 times throughout the summer months & a little glass of wine. So Try out this summer essential pasta salad recipe.

I thought I wouldn’t get too technical, instead, I’ll just tell you the basic of how you go about making a simple yet, tasty pasta salad.

Grab the leftover veggies that you have in our fridge (broccoli, radishes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, corn. Anything!), and grill up on the BBQ. Cook up some pasta (you can use gluten-free pasta as an alternative) just not too much, as you’ll be adding in bbq veggies. Lastly, add in some fresh lettuce, drizzle pesto and part it wine a glass of rosé wine as this goes especially well with this kind of salad.

Serve and enjoy x

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