Weekly Wants: Mantlepiece Styling

The season of Christmas probably seems to be the easiest to style your mantelpiece and may come quite naturally to many. With the lights, garlands, berries and earthy additions that creates a cosy feeling which oozes into the rest of your home.

Oh the mantelpiece… the central part of the home which feels very adult like and one of the peak sophistication. While it might be easily confused and combined with the styling of a shelf, there is something about a mantelpiece forming the central focal point from the humble shelf that we have grown reasonably confident in styling.

green christmas tree with white and red baubles

In this weeks edit there are two halves; one being totally ready to jump straight into full Christmas mode and the other one is still unsure whether or not to dip their toes into the festivities. I’ll be offering you a look at both ‘normal’ and festive styling to inspire your space through winter and beyond. 

Finding the balance of texture, dimension, colour and light are often factors to consider when styling a mantel, and nailing the equilibrium styling seems to come quite naturally to many. 

How will you be styling you mantlepiece this season?

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