Christmas Decor 3 Ways: Styling Your Home For Christmas

With the Christmas season just being around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about whose turn it is to clamber up into the loft to pull down all of the Christmas decs and untangle the fairy lights.

In this today’s edit, I’ve put together 3 Christmas styling ideas that will suit every humble abode, whether it’s the classic, traditional or novelty.

To help you to figure out how your going to deck the halls this season, here is four different styling ideas for you to choice. 


To create the traditional magic of Christmas decorate with the classics like; stockings, regal ribbon and combine the colour scheme of red and green that resembles the holidays.

If you are wanting to go all-out then why not spruce up your tree with candy canes and whimsical felt figures and transform your mantel with gorgeous green foliage for the real true take on the festive styling.

gray Christmas tree and red baubles


Are you wanting a little more characterful Christmas that is extra enough to rival against Santa’s very own grotto, well go off beat with bold colours, dramatic flair and kitsch accessories. 

Novelty decor is all about tearing up the rule book and fully embracing the characterful season. So I say gather all of the dinosaurs, flamingo and cars, basically the funkier the better as life is way too short to always play it safe. 

green pine tree with brown bear ornament

Chic Luxe

If your wanting more of a chic and sophisticated Christmas decor then decorate with a generous amount of bougie glamour and for a luxurious mixed of metal tones. This doesn’t mean you need to stick to the sliver and gold colour scheme to achieve this look, as there are other options like; copper, gold and blush pink or even cooler pastel tones and frosted white. Really any colour combination with metallic accents will work. 

Are you wanting to add a little drama (because, come on we are in 2020 and frankly, we all need it), by coordinating wrapping paper to your coffee table. By marrying up all of the cohesive, will create an impactful look, that guests will have to hang onto their hats.

green Christmas tree with gray baubles

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