A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Meal Prepping

What is meal prepping? How do you meal prep? Is meal even a good as people say? How do you keep your food fresh when you meal prep? Today is you lucky day, all your unanswered meal prepping question, being answered all in one place. 

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What is meal prepping?

This is when you spend a chunk of time preparing ingredients and / or cooking seperate full meals for the upcoming week, making you daily life that little bit easier. You don’t need to make meals prepping hard on yourself, instead it could be a simple as cooking meat and chopping veggies that you can just throw together a quick salad. If you are feeling a little more brave and committed then your meal prepping could involve preparing and portion sizing each meal and snack you’ve plan to eat that week.

Don’t feel put off just because you find yourself not having a spare 6 hours to meal prep. There is no right or wrong way to meal prepping – it’s meant to help to make your life easier. So you can really prep as much or a little as you want/have time to do. 

Meal prepping types

Ingredients Preparation – Wash and cut your veggies, as well as your carbs and proteins, so then you are able to use these prepared items for upcoming meals.

Pre-portioned Meals – Prepping food into single-serving containers, can usually be enough for a few das to a week. This can end up making it super easy to grab food on the go.

Batch Cooking/Freezing – This approach is a useful way to reducing food waste. You can typically cooking in large amounts for things such as; large batch of soup, bolognese sauce. 

The benefits of meal prepping?

There are many benefits of meal prepping, but the few mains ones includes- saves money, saves you time, helps you to stick to your goals and reduces waste. 

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The disadvantages of meal prepping?

For some meal prepping is extermely helpfu in their day-to-day life, but for other it can seem boring and unmanagabke to keep up with week in, week out. So here is some of the main downsides to meal prepping. 

  • Meal prepping ma involve eating the same  meals for a few days in a row. If you are put off beacue you aren’t a fan of having the same meal twice, then use different spices, dressing and condiments to change up the favour of each meal. 

Meal planning Vs Meal prepping

Don’t know what the difference between meal planning and meal prepping? Well, let me first tell you that both are equally great strategies to make your life easier. However, they are still not the same, as meal planning is where your plan recipes for the week or month, whereas meal prep is planning a specfic time to prepare and cook either a full meal and/or ingredients to make a meal at a later date.

Who is meal prepping good for?

The simple answer is, if your wanting to save money, waste less and save on time, then go ahead. It’s a great option for anyone – whether you live on your own or have a small to large family. 

Meal prepping isn’t for everyone, but many people do find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

What are the best foods to meal prep with?

This is a very varied, as it really does depend on who you are asking the question too, but the main rule of thumb that i go by is; 

  • Cooked meat (Turkey, Beef, Chicken, etc.)
  • Veggies (Cooked or Raw)
  • Cheese
  • Cooked grains (Rice, Pasta, Quinoa)

Foods that have been fried aren’t the best to meal prep with as the can’t be reheated. 

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Steps to get started with meal prepping?

Are you ready to start meal prepping then if your answer is yes, here are s few steps that your can follow to help you.

  • Plan your recipes –  It helps you to gether all the necessary ingredients a head of time.
  • Purchase reusable, airtight containers – No need to spend loads of money, as you can use either ziplock containers, foil containers or glass containers. Just keep in mind what types of meals you’ll be prepping.
  • Shop for ingredients – Like i previously mentioned, when you already know what you are planning to eat makes it so much easier to shop for the necessar ingredients a head of time.
  • Plan time to meal prep – This is probably the most important step, is choosing a dedicated time to cook you meals. Set aside time to prep and/or start cooking.

How long does food last or stay good for when meal prepping?

Prepared foods can can typically be stored in the fridge to 2-5 days or frozen for 3-4 months.

Round up: Meal prepping can save you money and can help to reduce waste. While prepping food isn’t food everyone, there’s a few serious benefits if you choose to prep. 

What is your favourite recipe?

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