Smoothie Recipes To Brighten Up Your Mornings

Why not start off your day right with a smoothie that is packed wih nutrious-rich fruit and vegetables, plus you can also add in protien-filled yogurts and milk if your wanting an energy boost that will keep you going until lunch.

So sip your way to a healthier breakfast by blending your own smoothies. To help, i have put together 6 super simple recipe to hopefully inspire a healthier alternative breakfast.  

two clear glass mug with brown liquid and green leaf

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie- Want to power up your mornings? This green fruit/veg combo, sweetened with honey yogurt is prefect.

two drinks with straws

Summer Smoothie

Summer Smoothie- A super simple go-to smoothie? Blended fresh fruit with yogurt and milk!

full-filled jars on chopping board

Banana Madness Smoothie

Dreaming of a summer holiday, well these topical flavours may just offer you a mini vacation in a glass. You also won’t even notice that grated carrot which adds extra sweetness and a bonus boost of veggies!

clear highball glass on serving tray

Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie

Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie- For all the coffee lovers, this one will go down a treat. This smoothie shouldn’t and (will not) replace your cup of joe. 

clear drinking glass with white and brown liquid

Superfood Of Sunshine Smoothie

Superfood Of Sunshine Smoothie- Have you got the winter sniffles? Well here is a big glass of vitamin C.

clear drinking glass with white and brown liquid

Pumpkin Apple Smoothie

Wish that you could have fall style drink all year round, well now you can. Pour yourself a glass of fall wth this spiced concoction. 

Selective Focus Photography of Two Orange Drinks

Peach Pie Smoothie

This smoothie will be everything you love about pie, minus the crust.  

Glass of fresh cocktail with apricots

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