I love thinking of new goals to tried and achieve throughout each month. I usually try to think of at least 5-10 new goals, so i thought i would go ahead and share what my September goals are going to be in today’s blog. 

Here are 8 of my  goals that i’ve come up with for this month:

  1. Take more photos – (last month i took more photo’s, so i want to continue this month.)
  2. Write more for my personal blog and about 5 days ahead – (I’m currently 3 days ahead, so i think i can get there soon.)
  3. Explore more places – (aboard or at home.)
  4. Bake more homemade cakes
  5. Eat more healthy / Cook more 
  6. Catch up on Netflix series 
  7. Meet up my friends more 
  8. Exercise more – (I want to go for run or a long walk at least once a week.)
  9. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night –  (I usually get 8 hours, but there alway one or two nights were i only manage to get 5 hours.)
  10. Moisture my skin once a day – (I’ve been continuously for the last month, but hope to carry on.)

Have you got any goals that you want to achieve throughout September? What are your goals?