Are You In Full Spring Mood? Here Are 15 Ways To Make It Through A Month Of Windups & Warmer Weather

Are you in a full spring mood? Well, spring is definitely in the wings – with the birds chirping, the daffodils blooming and finally, the skies have got a bit more colour, other than winter or grey! Its amazing how much of a difference two very long year makes.

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Go for it and claim of those postivie vibes. Here are 15 ways to make the most of April, including long weekend off. Everything from, pranks to soaring temperatures.

  1. Realise that you can only be expect to be a nice person – only if it sunny!
  2. Eat you whole body weight of hot cross buns, just out of principal.
  3. Eat your lunch outside, as it’s warm enough to doing that now. Arm season has arrived.
  4. Have you every wondered when your parents have decided that you’ve hit the age when buying you an easter egg was longer part of their parental requirements.
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  1. Get your first pedicure of the season……
  2. And how long before you have to apologise for the state of your feet.
  3. Try not to get too overwhelmed at the cost of breathng in 2022!
  4. Expect a visit from fear – in need of a factory reset after the bank holiday hangover.
  5. Spend 3-5 days recovering from April Fool’s Day.
  6. Feeling not the great, when you haven’t had time to do Wordle before work.
  7. Start the official countdown for the Jubilee weekend is on.
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  1. Thanking the past you for booking off the week before BH weekend. You will be the envy of all your colleagues. But big whoop!
  2. Have a love/hate relationship with Heardle. The lyrical version of wordle…you’ll see
  3. Feel yourself going down a rabbit hole and asking why are Maltesers out of box are more superior in taste and experiencec compared to the bag.
  4. Come to terms with that fact that you’ve spent the last 5 years cultivating an Instagram following before TikTok destoryed that dream and now you have to learn how to make videos. Social is so much fun!!

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