30 Reasons To Love The Summer Period

Here in the UK, it’s not very often we get a day when it doesn’t rain. Unlike many warmer countries that experience sunny weather for a good chunk of the year, they always say that Brits are crazy as we love hot days and will always be about and about even in 24-degree heat – we just like to make the most of it warmer day! We are big fans of the season and don’t care about melting throughout the day.

So without further ado, I’ve compiled together a list of things that us Brits love most about summer:

  1. Allow our summer clothes to see the light of day.
  2. Enjoying the gorgeous weather.
  3. Getting to show off our outfit – as most the year, it covered under-neath a big winter coat.
  4. Get out of the house without worrying about those annoying random rain showers.
  5. Everyone is happier.
  6. Stay lighter for longer – allow more time to plan for fun activities.
  7. Plan spontaneous UK trips away for the weekend, without booking a flight to a hotter country.
  8. Summer BBQs – who doesn’t just love to eat overly burnt food? BBQs are so tasty.
  9. Ice cream – Eating ice cream in the winter doesn’t have the same effects as it does in the summer months.
  10. Able to get outside a lot more.
  11. Spend more time in the garden.
  12. Summer makes us healthier.
  13. Improves our mood.
  14. A spend to cool off.
  15. Spend more time with the family.
  16. Road trips.
  17. Not having to wear large winter coats or jackets.
  18. salty sea breezes.
  19. Eating fresh strawberries.
  20. Summer playlist.
  21. Fresh air.
  22. Fresh tan – Remember suncream guys!
  23. The sunshine.
  24. Clear blue, cloudless skies.
  25. Picnics in the park.
  26. Long walks.
  27. Sitting outside on a warm evening.
  28. Sunglasses.
  29. Exploring new places.
  30. Holiday at home or abroad.

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