Styling Tools For Every Hair Type

For those of you who want to achieve a fresh out of the salon look, but don’t find it easy to hold a round brush and hairdryer at the same time. A man is only as good as his tools, this means arming yourself with the right tools is the key to achieving hair styling success.

Beauty | Expectation Vs Reality.

Are you wanting a refresh of your everyday makeup look, after strolling through pinterest boards and over on instragam. It can sometimes be a little tricky achieving the look that’s exactly the same as what you see in a photo – more often than not, the look that your trying to achieve won’t exactly got …

Makeup Picks For This Week

With zoon becoming the thing of the past, it’s all about details of getting up close and personal with ya pals over dinner drink, beautifully buffed base or new graphic liner trend that won’t go a miss now a pixelated webcam won’t be hiding your good side.