Autumn Skincare Picks.

I’m not going to lie. It’s taken me a while to put down my autumny picks. As the weather is getting colder and with the air becoming cooler, a sheet mask is a perfect way to intensely nourish your skin.

During the winter months, our skin desperately needs hydration!! From walking to and from work, to having the heating on – our skin is constantly battling with the lack of moisture in the air.

So i’ve put together my top four picks for intense hydration that i think your skin will be forever grateful for.

Whats’s easier than add in a weekly sheet mask into your autumn skincare routine to get some intense hydration in rather than changing up your whole skincare routine.

Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Corrective Gel Cream.

If you look for a product that can refresh and revitalise your skin, then look no further. This NUXE creme can do all of that and more. This lightweight moisturiser that contains ingredients such as; antioxidant jasmine flower and hyaluronic acid that works in harmony to intensely hydrate, whilst also protecting the skin for  a bright, smooth and plumped finish. Ideal, if you want to achieve youthful and glowing skin. 

Simple Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask.

The brand ‘Simple’ has recently introduced an Asian inspired sheet masks to there already most loved ‘Kind to Skin’ range. The sheet masks are made in Korea – this is where the sheet mask trend originated from.

The natural cotton face mask has been designed to contour your face – like a moisturising second skin, as well as being formulated with naturally derived fruit enzymes, that leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

And if that wasn’t enough for you to fall in love with this product, then this might….as this particular face mask not only moisturises your skin for 20 days, it is  also made from 100% natural cotton.

Balanceme Flash Cleanse Micellar Water.

This Micellar water is the brand ‘Balanceme’ award winning beauty fluid. The micellar water contains natural ingredients that help to boosts hydration, reduces redness and swelling, and is a great cooling relief. This product also make for a prefect replacement for wet wipes, a first step in a double-cleansing routine, as well making removing eye-makeup look like a piece of cake. Simply put several pumps of the water onto a beauty pad {whether it’s cotton pads or cotton ball – it’s you choice} and  gently wipe your face, make sure to apply the product onto dry skin. 

Balanceme Wonder Eye Cream.

This cooling gel is ideal for reducing the appearance of dark circles/shadows, brightening and hydrating skin that is in need of a boost and firming skin that is showing sign of aging.  

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