How To Make The Most Of May

Here’s to another month, with another roadmap for coming out of lockdown. Bank holiday. Win,Win!

It’s super crazy to think that a year ago, we were surrounded with old banans, slipping on the oven mitt as an outfit change and jumping onto zoom quizzes to past the time. Now we are on the home stretch and so ready to break up with at-home workouts for good. So lets roll on may…

Building Near Body of Water

+ Try to book a staycation….

+ The realise there’s no availabity until 2040. I might just reserve my own bed and lay down a towel, so that can a least feel something.

+ Finding yourself going through an annual should i chop my hair off or leave it, before leaving up to an instagram poll to confirm the resulting that ou hvae already booked.

+ Work from an actual office. It’s a big day and your back will thank you.

Man Sitting in Front of Computer

+Vow to yourself to have a sensible bank holiday…

+Spending your money on your nails, hair and filler, but buying a new laptop and phone charger that you actually need?? Nope, that will have to wait.

+ Only agreeing to day time functions. Anything requiring shoes or a bra past 8pm. No thank you!

+ Get to take a walk because you actually want to instead of because it’s not the only legal activity to do beyond you driveway anymore. 

+ A little shocked and saddened that you don’t have anything to wear. Do you have clothes? Yes. But do you have outfits? Ermm…Nope. 

Person Stands on Brown Pathway

+ Wondering to yourself at how you ever use to afford a luxury lifestyle of eating and drinking out like this.

+ You are offically at that age where any noise is enough to send you over the edge.

+ Have you voted in you local election. Colin or Cuthbert? Pick a side. 

+ Trying to think over 3-4 days about what sh*t you were chatting about after one night out. Your alcohol tolerance is completely non-existence. 

Group of People Doing Cheers

What will you be getting up to during this month?

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