My Current Favorite TV Series: A Must-Watch List.

Choosing my favorite TV series is no easy task. The reason these particular shows made the list is because I truly enjoyed watching them and often experience withdrawal when they are on a break or have ended their final season.

Furthermore, I often have the sensation that everything else is put on hold while I am watching a series. I become so engrossed in the show that I simply want to watch as many episodes as I possibly can.


Generally, I prefer movies that involve action, crime, thriller, drama, suspense, and science fiction genres. However, I tend to watch series or TV shows more often than movies. Series have become popular because they make you feel like you are part of the show and extend the characters’ lives. Although movies can still provide that thrill, they usually only offer a one-off experience or require a wait of a year or two for a continuation or sequel to be released.



When i first watch this TV show, i found it to be a little confusing and boring. But i stick it out and as i watched more and more episodes, the storyline started to make sense. Season 1 and 2 are probably my favourite. I felt as though there was a lot more going apart from the couple of episodes in season 1.

If you’re into storylines that include drama, romance, horror, thriller, science fiction, and a little bit of weirdness, then I would highly recommend watching the first season of Stranger Things.


The TV show takes place between 1983 and 1985, with the first season starting in November of 1983. A boy named Will Byers is kidnapped by a creature from another dimension known as the “Upside Down.” His mother Joyce and the town’s police chief Jim Hopper search for him while a young girl named Eleven, who has psychokinetic abilities, helps Will’s friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas in their quest to find him.


The new season begins a year after the previous one, in October 1984. ‘Will’ has been saved, but only a select few are privy to the specifics of what happened. However, it becomes clear that ‘Will’ is still being affected by the creatures from the Upside Down. This discovery alerts his loved ones to the fact that there is a greater danger to their world posed by these entities.


The third season takes place a few months after the events of the previous season, leading up to the Fourth of July celebration in 1985. The new Starcourt Mall has become the main attraction for the residents of Hawkins, putting other stores out of business. Hopper is concerned about Eleven and Mike’s relationship while they are still looking after Joyce. Little does the town know, a secret Russian laboratory beneath the Starcourt is attempting to open the gateway to the Upside Down. This will allow the entities to possess people in Hawkins, creating a new horror for them to face.


The show is about a high school chemistry teacher ‘Walter White’ who barely gets by to make ends meet. His son has cerebral palsy, his wife is pregnant and finds out that he has terminal cancer. As if life couldn’t get worse for ‘Walter’, he desperately turned his old RV into a mobile meth lab.

At first, the show seemed slow and I felt like giving up midway through the first episode. However, since everyone was raving about how good it was, I decided to give it a chance and stick with it.

At first, the show was quite slow, but around episode four or five, I felt like it was finally going somewhere. As I continued to watch more episodes, I became more and more addicted. I couldn’t go a day without watching at least 2 to 3 episodes. The show has everything I like – drama, suspense, crime, and even a bit of comedy. It’s now one of my favorite shows, and I’m glad I didn’t give up on it early on.


To be honest, there aren’t many television shows that can actually get me off my seat in anticipation for the next scene. However, “How to Get Away with Murder” has had that effect on me. When I’m watching it, I seem to drop everything that I’m doing and pay close attention, otherwise I might miss some important details. The title of the show really does give you a good idea of what the story is about.


Although the name of the show provides a clue, here is a brief summary of its plot. A group of aspiring lawyers and their exceptional criminal defense professor become entangled in a convoluted murder scheme that drastically alters the trajectory of their lives. The entire storyline is fraught with secrets, lies, deceit, murder, abuse of authority, and corruption.

I highly suggest watching the show to truly comprehend it as words alone cannot do it justice. You won’t be disappointed if you take my recommendation and give it a watch.


The TV show centers around a character named Elizabeth Keen, a fresh FBI profiler. Her life takes a sudden turn when she meets a mysterious criminal named Raymond Reddington on her first day at work. Known as “Redd,” he had managed to avoid capture for many years. However, the twist is whether Keen can successfully keep him under control.

In my opinion, the first two seasons of the show were the best. As the series progressed, I found it to be a bit long and uninteresting. There was even a spin-off featuring ‘Elizabeth’s’ husband ‘Tom Keen’, but it was short-lived. Although the storyline had many elements that usually pique my interest in a movie.


In the show, the main character David Budd is a war veteran who foils a terrorist attack and is then assigned to protect a prominent politician. However, he becomes entangled in the same conspiracy he was trying to stop at the start. The plot was unexpected, but I enjoyed it thoroughly, except for the eye-candy aspect.🙈 I found the show to be quite entertaining, even though it had some dramatic moments. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular – the unpredictability of the plot and the exciting, mind-blowing scenes kept me hooked.

I’d love to know your preferred TV show. Any suggestions on what I should watch next? Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a direct message on Twitter.

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