The Truth About Life After Uni

The truth about life after uni. As after studying for the last 3 to 4 years,  your life  pretty much consists of assignment papers, exams, hanging out with friends. When that time come to finally graduate from college/university, can be exciting!

Your last year of uni, is your last final crawl to the finish line. You’ll still have the confident and hope, that all of those long nights and frustration are all going to be worth it. 

You may being thinking, once you’ve said your goodbyes, there aren’t going to be anymore hurdles. Wrong! Your post uni life is only just beginning!


The fortunate new from being graduate is that you will have to start from the bottom and work you way up. For the next few years, you will be a small fish in a very big pond. Good luck and remember that diploma/degree means that you’ve been trained well.


There was a time that you either saw your mates everyday or if your like me and who commuted to and from uni, knew when you were going to see your mates. So now your have graduated, you may not find that some of your mates won’t be living in the same city. You will unfortunately have to realise that you won’t be having a drink and seeing your mates every night – therefore you will probably have to schedule your meet ups weeks in advance.


Remember when you couldn’t wait until summer break and get to have 3 month off from studying. Well, i’m sorry… them days are long gone. As the school schedule and the real world schedule isn’t the same. Unless you would like to become a teacher. Instead you will have to schedule your holiday time, just like everyone else and hope that you boss will approve it.


Whether you have a job or not, you may still have to move back in with your parents. This isn’t ideal but practical. Living on your own for the last 3 to 4 years,  living your parents again can come with it difficulties. But thing of the positives; home-cooked meals, fresh clean sheets, no or very little rent to pay. So enjoy it while it last!


Since you’ve studied so hard over the years, it’s really hard not to have false hopes of there being a job at the end. If you manage to get your self a job straight after graduating, congratulations!… but if it doesn’t happen for you straight away, then please don’t worry! Just be patient and keep sending out those application forms. You will eventually get your dream job.

So there you go! The top 5 truths about life after uni, that you won’t be told about. But on a positive note, graduating is only the start… so make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and good luck for the future.

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