13 Ways To Celebrate Halloween During The Spooky Season.

We are somehow in the final 3 months of 2022. I really can’t believe how fast the last year and 10 months have gone to be perfectly honest. But let’s get back to more important things like planning for the best holiday seasons in the calendar – of course, it being Halloween and Christmas. Keep on reading if you are on the look out for some inspiration for how to perfectly petrifying ways to celebrate halloween this year, that will for sure to impress your pals quicker than you can say “Boo”!

pink flower plant inside room
  1. Make pumpkins pie(s) with the leftovers from craving.
  2. Crave pumpkins with significant other/sibling(s)/housemate(s). Use instagram story poll feature to settle inevitable arguments.
  3. Organise a scary movie marathon and prepare to be afraid of going for a pee on your own.
  4. Host an epic houseparty that will be talked about for the foreseeable future.
  5. Ghost the man who only ever makes you feel bad about yourself.
  6. Whip up a handful of potions (cocktails) with the help from ya gals and get spooky tipsy from only consuming harbio tangfastics for your dinner. 
  7. Find a local fright night and be prepared to loose your voice from being terrified by professional scarers.
  8. Put stranger things on repeat for the 1256798th time. Watch every season that shows Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byer’s relationship.
  9. Make the most of this time of the year and opt for the neon polish selection, next time your due a salon appointment.
  10.  The best things in life are free! So make an enormouse pile of leaves and jump into it.
  11.   Show up your neighbours for their lack of festive decor.
  12.  What do some hardcore, festive shit? Then, stay in a haunted hotel/house. I dare you!
  13.  Read a halloween book by candlelight and feel the autumn cliche, but also save on your electricity bill.
  14. Sit down to watch the longest and well over due sequel, which is hocus pocus 2. The ‘SISTERS’ are back!

What are your plans for this halloween?

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