15 Things To Do In July

Can you believe that we are midway through the wild ride that 2020 is shaping up to be. Let’s just say, the only way is up right?! 

July is the perfect month to work on your summer bucket list. I know that Glastonbury didn’t happen this year but with a tent in your back garden, Adele on full bast and drinks on tap your garden is a close second.

strawberry and blueberry cake on white ceramic plate

1. Binge watch Little Fires Everywhere – Kerry Washington and Reesie Witherspoon are both brilliant and glorious. 

2. Camp in your back garden.

3. Go and get a pint from the pub and enjoy the glorious moment. 

4. Celebrate 4th July!

5. Have your hair done after a long 4 months.


sliced fruits on slicing board

6. Pretend to be really cut up about the gym not reopening, but banana bread is life now remember?

7. Leave you phone at home and go to a park uninterrupted with either a good book or podcast.

8. Book a little stay-cation (our original summer holiday plans are still left in tatters but a mini break to the coat is full steam ahead. 

9. Start to make a ‘life after lockdown’ list of everything you want to do with your freedom. Eat at your favourite restaurants that you’ve missed? Hug all your family members for an uncomfortably long time?

10. Have a beach day and get sand in every orifice. But remember not to grumble as This Is Living.

photo of gray wooden bridge

11. Have a proper coffee at a coffee shop brewed by an actual barista.

12. Shop at you favourite independent stores. Show them some love.

13. Have a little cinema date – social distancing guideline still apply but hey, lot’s more popcorn from me!

15. Wear jeans for the first time in 4 months…

What will you be getting up to this July?

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