10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of November

Does anyone else feel a little uneased that the final months of 2022 is nearly upon us? which means that Christmas is quite literally just around the corner.

Okay as of right now, Halloween is over and Micheal Buble is defrosting as we speak, the month of November will probably slip through our fingers. So maximise the magic that November offers and make sure it’s at the top of your priority list. Consider this blog as the perfect activity list of how to spend this part of the year…

1. Switch out the pumpkin spiced latte for a hot coffee liqueur.

2. Wondering if it’s still too early to start Christmas shopping? Well, the answer is not at all. Who doesn’t love Christmas and shopping!

3. Order an electric blanket and feel your life improve.

4. Give into the tentation and buy a box of celebrations/roses as soon as you see them during your weekly shopping trip.

5. Get into a new series over on prime video – My Policeman. Sit on the sofa, grab your favourite blanket and have a bowl of snacks on hand. The darker nights make for the perfect time to submerge yourself into a new series and find yourself dreaming of the long, sun-soaked day on Brighton beach.

6. A lit candle = a relaxing atmosphere. Have an autumnal candle lit constantly.

7. Only eat dinners that are described as a winter warmer. After all ‘Tis the season!

8. Crake open a bottle of wine as soon as it’s 5pm on a Friday, cos really what else wouldn’t want to drink to see in the dark November weekend?!

9. Make sure to book in all of the christmas activities going – ice skating, christmas tree shopping and christmas market dates. Also nail down your december solicaising status. Who doesn’t love to orgainse…isn’t it fun!

10. For all the scrooges? get back into your box. As Christmas listening starts now and not another word about it is too early.

What kind of things do you get up to during this time of the year? Please share how you make the most out of November…

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