20 Simple Acts Of Kindness

From helping someone carry their shopping bags to complimenting a stranger -often it’s the smallest and simplest of gestures that can mean the most.

All it takes to transform someone’s day – is one cup of coffee, one smile, one conversation.

To help lift others up and spread those good vibes out into the universe, here’s 20 ideas to inspire kindness not just today but every day.

1. Leave positive notes in random places 

2. Buy someone in the queue a coffee

3. Donate blood

4. Help someone with their bags or buggy

5.Cook and elderly neighbor a roast dinner or invite them round or a cuppa

6. Buy a cinema ticket for the person behind you 

7. Give chocolate to delivery drivers

8. Leave your waiter a generous tip

9.Smile at a stranger

10. Write someone a card to tell them how awesome they are

11. Comment something positive on Instagram

12. Pay for someone’s shopping 

13. Teach someone to cook a delicious recipe 

14. Drop some flowers round at your friend’s house

15. Offer a friend a lift

16. Donate to someone’s ‘Just Giving’ page 

17. Offer some words of encouragement to a colleague

18. Start a piggy bank for a good cause

19. Text a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while to arrange a catch-up

20. Surprise your parents with a spontaneous visit

Do you have any random acts of kindness that inspired you? Feel free to share your kindness story with me!

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