20 Things To Do In Feb

Valentine’s and Pancake Day, February is lining up to be quite and busy month. There’s plenty to get your teeth into but should you find yourself at a loose end, i’ve put together a whole list of things to do, book, drink, buy and eat right here.

1. Drinking way too much prosecco, ‘cos it’s a fundamental right on Valentines’s Day

2. Treating yourself for getting through the longest month of the year. Huzzah!

3. Buy your first bunch of cheap and cheerful daffodils

4. Write a lovely love letter, to yourself, your bestie or your partner

5. Have a good old Spring clean and switch up the bedding

6. Have a full day of board games

7. Try to find a Valentine’s Day card that nails the love message but also has a SOH. It needs to say hey, you might drive me up the wall when you throw your beard stubble around like confetti but I can’t picture life without ya

8. Find a new Spring walk to go on with your beau

9. Book a romantic mini getaway

10. Actually wear your pretty matching undies (even for just one day)

11. Give someone a pack of love hearts

12. Get down on bended knee. It’s a leap year after all!

13. Re-enact the scene from Lady & The Tramp with the spaghetti with your S.O. while fellow horrified diners look on

14. Do something for Random Acts of Kindness Day

15. Listen to some sophisticated love tracks like Marvin Gaye when you really just want to listen to Little Things by One Direction

16. Snaffle a disgusting amount of pancakes. Make your ma proud!

17. Restart your failed NY resolutions. We go again – new month, new me…

18. Snap up an M&S dine for two deal. Thrifty romance!

19. Have a bouncy blow-dry with your bezzie

20. Shake your head at the early arrival of Easter snacks in supermarkets while simultaneously adding hot cross buns and Crème Eggs to your basket. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

What will you be getting up to in February? Let me know in the comments below!

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