20 Things To Do This June

Summer begins in June and this is my favourite time of the year. Here in the UK, our summertime is very unpredictable. It came to go from a major heatwave one week to constantly raining for the next 3 weeks. This is why we Brits try to make the most out of warmer weather, as it rains more often than not. So what will your June look like for you? A camping trip? A local festival? Or just a relaxing time in your garden? Create a summer bucket list and live your best life this month! I’ve put together a list of 20 things to do this June.

  1. Take a trip to the ice cream parlour
  2. Have a day trip to the beach
  3. Go strawberry picking
  4. Have a family BBQ in your back garden
  1. Be a kid again and play a game of mini golf
  2. Go for a picnic
  3. Take a road trip
  4. Have a water gun fight
  5. Go to a festival
  1. It’s time to say goodbye to your lily-white, hairy legs.
  2. Go on a camping trip
  3. Relaxing by the pool
  4. Go on a family holiday
  5. Freshen up your wardrobe and buy some new summer clothes
  6. Stock up on your favourite ice creams
  1. Throw an indoor dance party
  2. Celebrate Father’s Day
  3. Go see an outdoor movie
  4. Play a game of tennis with friends
  5. Do some garden
  6. Brust out your flips flops

What will you be getting up to this summer? What are you summer plans? Leave all your ideas in the comments below…

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