20 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

With the month of lurve already upon us, getting your perfect date night secured and book into the diary with either your new or long term love, is the top of priority as we are finally shaking off the january blues. Spoiler alert: love doesn’t have to be expensive! The littlest thing can turn out to be the most touching, meaningful and romantic gestures and that cost nothing – what really matters about 14th February and beyond is spending time with the person who make you feel ‘you’.

And if your entering the month single, there is no need to exit this page aggressively just because romance was mention first. February can also be the time where you celebrate yourself and things that you love about you the most, plus spend time with your pals who make you heart feel full or spend quality time with your family.

Carry on reading if you need some ideas for budget-friendly date night that are perfect to spark the romance or guarantee you to have a excellent time with your Galentine of your choice. You are very weclome.

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  1. Write heartful love letters to one another by candlelight
  2. Make pancakes for Sunday brunch with all the topping and a happy weekend playlist.
  3. Get out your walking boots and complete a local hike, ending with a well deserved pub lunch. Also bouns point for who doesn’t getting in an arguement whilst someone is reading the map wrong.
  4. Head out to a nearby drive-in cinema and smooch over the popcorn and pick n mix
  5. Head to a cat or puppy cafe together for cute, heart exploding coffee date. Your new phone screensaver, secured.
Pancake With Sliced Strawberry
  1. Organise a wine and cheese evening and just imagine you’re holidaying in the south of france – we can only dream, right?
  2. Find a affordable Airbnb with an hour from your home, skip the stress and hassle of a long jounary, instead enjoy the charms of your local area.
  3. Make homemade face masks, pick up a few massage oils and whack on a zen playlist and boom = at-home spa.
  4. Leave your phones are home or switch it off in your bag and organise a day out together – lunch, a walk and drinks – simple enjoy each others company without distractions.
  5. Go to a second hand book store and pick out a new read for each other.
Woman in White Tank Top Reading Book
  1. Book last minute theatre tickets and enjoy the magic of the stage, it doesn’t matter how bad the seat are.
  2. Attend a gig to an artist neither one of you have heard of and dance the night away regardless.
  3. Find and underground or serect bar and try a cocktail that you’ve never had before.
  4. It might be february, but it’s never to early for an ice cream date. 99 on the beach or a knickerbocker glory at a nearby dinner, what a wholesome date goals.
  5. Binge watch Modern Love and the gratitude for how long it is to be loved.
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  1. Book a yoga class together and relax.
  2. Head out to a ball pit bar and laugh until your stomach hurts.
  3. Go to a paint your own pottery class and create a lasting memory (plus a ceramic item) for you to keep forever.
  4. Listen to your favourite album or albums from start to finish and watch as the other person comes alive.
  5. Create a bucket list or vision board to think about a dream during 2022 together.

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