How To Spend Valentine’s Day On Your Own

Let me first start off by saying that by being alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Be confident and fly the single flag high and proud. Come on guys, it’s 2022! It’s not a reason to lock yourself away for the whole of february, just because you are unattached.

Valentine’s Day is all about the different forms of all “LOVE”, but inorder to love anyone else you need to start with the glorious romance of ‘drumroll please’ loving yourself. So let’s shake off the commerical Bull-Sh*t and make room for some good old fashion self love…shall we ?!

Start by showering yourself with affection, just because you can and buy yourself some chocolates, flowers and a bottle of your favoruite tequila – if you perfer.

So carry on reading the guide to navigating Valentine’s Day as a singleton.

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I’m fully aware that this my sound extremely weird, but first just hear me out…..There is nothing more fullfilling than realising that you are more than comfortable with your own company. You so think of being single as choice and not as a burden. Plus you can have a wicked time with the thermostat, you can eat what you want for dinner and go shopping to get what “YOU” want.

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Run yourself a nice bubbly bath, pop a face mask on and finish off reading that book you’ve tried to find the time to read it. Take the advantage of the perks of living life on your own terms and not having to share your physical and mental space with someone else. Make guilt-free decisions with zero compromise. High five, go me!

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Couples everywhere. You can really smell the PDA before you even see it. Enjoy a well-deserved solitude and come off social media for the night of even the weekend before.

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Don’t make any sudden movements maybe Valentine’s Day won’t see us. *stuggle on the sofa uninterrupted for five mins* You’re probably doing yourself a massive disservice if you didn’t use this hoilday pay wisely with Ryan Gosling.

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Single this Valentine’s Day? Let me know how you’ll be celebrating self-love!

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