Happy New Year! Want To Make A Fresh Start? 10 Ways To Beat Those January Blues

Let me first off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! But now the excitement of christmas and the reality of returning to your work routine, the January blues [or winter blues] are something that we are familiar with, but not everything has to be lost during January. If you think about it, it’s the perfect time to take up new hobbies or set new achievable goals for yourself to achieve throughout 2023.

So i’ve gathered together 10 ways that can help to beat those winter blues and make the most of january 2023!


More often than not, you usually tend to set new year’s resolutions just because everyone else does it and how many of you set ones that are far too difficult to achieve? Be realistic and only set yourself resolutions that can be measured and achieved within a short period. Also, the perfect resolution is to stop procrastinating – otherwise, if you don’t reach your short-term goal, then you feel guilty and demotivated. No one likes to be a failure!


Feeling bored or stuck? And are you tired of repeating the same thing over and over again? Well, use this New Year, hopefulness and motivation, move away from your comfort zone and try out something new – whether that be wanting to start a new career, taking time out of your busy lifestyle and making time for yourself – it really can be anything that your want it be. Throw ideas around and choose which ones suit you the best.

3. Find out what you worries are for real

Do you find that certain things make you feel anxious or stressed? Well, sit down and make a list of what they are and add a few possible solutions to the problems if possible, but if that doesn’t happen, don’t worry as you will find where the problem stems from and how to overcome it. By writing down a general idea of what you want to change and seeing what that looks like and how much things worry you.

4. Expect a lull after Christmas and New Year

Even though we know that the festive season comes to an end, for some reason we always seem to go into January unprepared and almost shocked by the lack of fun – having to return to the mundane aspect of everyday life – returning to work, washing dishes and paying bills – lays the foundation for the January blues.

Take a little time and instead of wallowing, accepting that January will be less fun compared to the festive season, look at the first month of the year as an opportunity for some self-reflection and take advantage of a quieter and more relaxed few weeks. Also consider what kind of things your would like to do, learn and achieve this year – make this year what you want it to look like for you!


It might suprise you that the days actually start to get longer, even if they don’t feel like it – admittedly the days are only longer by a second at first but as we reach late January the day become 4 minutes longer [and become even longer and the days go on].

Instead of staying inside from January to April just because it cold, wrap up warm and plan regular walks while the sun is out – whether that’s before or after work, weeknd walk with the family or lunchtime walk with close friends – sunlight can postively impact your mood.

6. Only work on one aspect of your life at a time

Even though self-reflection at the start of the New Year can be valuable but it can also be a negative thing, as it can often become of stick which we can beat ourselves with – analysing every aspect of our lives and feel like everything need attention.

So the best way successfully works on areas that you want to improve, then you just focus on that one area. Do you want to get more exercise into your lifestyle or learn new a new skill? Do you want to socialise with your friend or get around to seeing friends that you have never gotten around to seeing? Once you see positive signs of progress, then you could consider improving another aspect of your life – but please remember to only set achievable goals.

7. Eat Healthier

You’re probably eating alot of sweets at the moment, but did you know that more sugary foods that you eat the more you crave and apart from it being super unhealthy, it can also cause sugar crashes = tiredness. But if you incoperate a lot more greens and fresh foods into you diet, and maintian a balanced diet then your body will be much happier and you might even see you mood improve.


Keep in touch with people and friends that you carre about, also make sure to crave out time in your busy life to spend time with family – it’s good for your mental health and helps ward off the winter blues. And if your invitated to a social events then go, even if its for only a little while.


Is there really any better way to ward off those January blues other than to plan thing that you can look forward to? Well start planning now, and don’t put it off. Whether you plan for an afternoon tea with friends or treat you grandparents to a breakfast, it can fill our day-to-day lives with a sense of excitment and joy!

And what’s even better? Than having another excuse to start fill up your calendar with things to do and with those who you love the most.

10. sleep well

With majority of us having busy work lifes, doesn’t always leave much time for sleep. But having having very little sleep or very poor sleeping schedule can have a negative impact on your mental health and could lead towards feeling anxious and stressed. So you could set yourself goal to have better quality sleep – aim to have at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night – also try to reduce screen time in the evening – allow your brain to switch off and make is it easier to sleep better.

Have more ways to beat the January blues that i haven’t mention in the blog? Then please feel free to comment them below…

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