8 Refreshing Cocktails To Slip On This Summer


Who loves a refreshing cocktail on a summer’s day? There is something illogical about the urge to drink cocktails when the sun is out, whilst our bodies are begging for some hydration. But they are so beautiful to look at and, taste so delicious and life is way too short. Here are 8 refreshing cocktails that are perfect to slip on this summer

Who’s loving the hot weather here in the UK? OMG, the temperatures here are still 35+ but are expected to become cooler throughout this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the gorgeous, blue sky weather but the main reason that us brits find it difficult to cope with these kinds of temperatures is that the majority of us don’t have air conditioning in our homes or a swimming pool in the back garden to dip in and out of to keep ourselves cool, which means when the temperatures are high 30+ outside, it’s going to be the same or hotter inside – there is no escaping it.

frozen pina colada cocktail

Frozen Pina Colada Cocktail

Piña Coladas are a slushy Caribbean vacation in a glass. They’re sweet, but delicious because they’re frozen. Measure the ice along with everything else, otherwise, it’ll over or under dilute the drink. The splash of fresh lime juice is very helpful in taking the edge off the sugar. Don’t skip it!

pineapple and lime slush puppies

Pineapple and Lime Slush Puppies

We all know that a hot day calls for a seriously fruity summer cocktail. So next time the sun shines, why not make the most of it by blending up a batch of these homemade lime and pineapple slushies? They’re really easy to make (we’re talking two minutes kind of easy), and they’re the perfect refreshment for a hot day. If you’ve got an excuse (Cinco de Mayo, anyone?), they’re even better with a shot of your favourite spirit. I used gin, but vodka, rum or tequila would all work well, too.

berrylicious frozen sangria slush

Berrylicious Frozen Sangria Slush

This boozy, fruity frozen sangria is an adult version of the icy slushies we slurped down as kids. So refreshing on a hot summer night. Cheers!

mezcal grapefruit cocktail

Mezcal Grapefruit Cocktail

This Mezcal Grapefruit cocktail has a shot of mezcal, a little fresh grapefruit juice and some citrus soda to top it off. A little squeeze of lime brings it all together, plus you could add in a slice of jalapeno for a tiny bit of spice. Add more or less lime, juice or soda according to taste. 

champagne mojito recipe with grapefruit

Champagne Mojito Recipe With Grapefruit

This champagne mojito recipe with grapefruit has that extra special sparkle that only a bottle of bubbly will give! If you love mojitos and you haven’t tried them with sparkling wine then you are in for a serious treat!

pomelo-mint mojito

Pomelo-Mint Mojito

This refreshing take on the classic mojito is made with pomelo, an Asian citrus fruit that resembles a thick-skinned grapefruit.

pimm's melon punch

Pimm’s Melon Punch

This recipe brings out the spicy side of Pimm’s with cardamom syrup. Instead of the traditional cucumber you often see with Pimm’s, this drink is made with fresh honeydew juice.

Miami vice: the layered frozen cocktail

Miami Vice: The Layered Frozen Cocktail

The frozen strawberry daiquiri and the frozen piña colada. It is the perfect mixed drink for sipping in hot weather. The cocktail is sweet and refreshing with layers of red and cream colour and complementary flavours of strawberries and coconut.

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What’s your favourite summer cocktail?

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