A Week In My Life: Blogger Edition

Hello, I hope you are all had a good week and enjoying your weekend?

For context, I’m 27 and work full time during the week, and on the side, I blog nearly every day – depending on how busy my week has been – but this past week I had it off, so I thought it would be fun for me to document what I got up to! So here’s a quick rundown of my life this week…let’s hop into a today’s blog post!


I don’t work Sundays, and sometimes if I have a creative bug I will sit down for a couple of hours and either write a new blog post or list or write a list of blog post ideas that I want to post throughout the week. And this Sunday I had the creative bug so I down and wrote a couple of blogs.


My normally working day is usually 5:30 am-2 pm. I can hear you all gasping! Yep, I am very early and no I don’t enjoy getting up at that time. It might even surprise you, that I’m not a morning person… never have been and probably never will be!

But anyways, this week I’m off so I lied in…omg it felt so good. I woke up feeling much more human than usual. When I finally woke up at 8 am, if started the day off very slowly and relaxing, but scrolling through Instagram for 10 minutes before then eating my breakfast, as my stomach was so hungry.

Then I sat down and wrote another blog post, posted a new blog, and also put links to my blog all across my social media. Once I had finished doing that, I then meet up with my sister at around 12ish as she had the day off. When a don’t a bit of shopping – check out ‘my mini beauty haul’ blog – where you can see what I brought. We then went to Tesco’s and brought a lot of unhealthy snacks – cos who doesn’t love to go a little bit OTT and buy doughnuts and apple turnovers?!


I didn’t do much on Tuesday. It was just a chilled-out day. I did do a little bit of garden, like digging up some old bulbs and cutting the grass – well cut whatever was left of the grass from the super hot heatwave we had a couple of weeks ago. Also, myself and my sister decided on driving up to Hunstanton for a day at the beach, and we also booked to go to the sealife centre.


Wednesday started pretty chilled, but by 1 o’clock ish it turn into a very busy day. I drove over to Rushden Lakes [it’s located in Northamptonshire and is an outdoor retail park. There is also a lake which you can walk around], I meet up with my sister after she finished work. We did a little bit of shopping and had a late lunch at M&S cafe…omg, I would recommend ordering the Chicken Fajji Wrap – it gets your taste buds tingly, and by isn’t spicy or overly hot. It tasted delicious and sweet.

Then we did a bit more shopping and before where knew it was, getting on for 6 o’clock [Yep, I’m fully aware that the 6 isn’t that late, but these days I’m such a granny…it just love getting into being early! The earlier I can get into bed, the better off I am. I just love my sleep too much.] But anyways, let’s get back to what I go up to… well let me be honest with you, I didn’t get up to much more, I ended up dropping my sister off at her house – as she had to get up for work early the next morning – I then drove myself home, where I unloaded the car, made myself a cuppa and a pot noddle, then headed to bed – I was so tired!


NOTHING!! Another chilled-out day, as yesterday [Wednesday] I didn’t get back home until around 9 o’clock so I was pretty tired and wasn’t really up for doing anything – my bed was calling me and anyone who knows me will know that such as granny. I enjoy going to bed as early as possible.


Today, me and my sister – or should I say me – drove up to Hunstanton for a beach day. The drive up there turned into a longer drive than original expected, as we had to take a bit of a diversion but we made it and that’s all that matters. Once we had parked up, we then headed straight to the Sealife Centre after getting a bit lost, but yet again we made it and loved it – we are definitely animal people. We just love animals, and also their quirky personalities and loveable personalities too!

We then took a stroll along the beach and took some photos – you can’t take a trip to the beach without taking some photos…cos who doesn’t love a good beach day photo? I love to look back at old photos and remember all the great times we had together!


So Saturday is today for me. After a long day of driving and lots of walking and site seeing involved yesterday [friday], well my leg muscles are feeling today. Woke up and omg my legs feel super archy and don’t feel like there mine atm. So I thought today I would just chill out and take it easy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just sit around and not do anything instead did do some tidying up – I’ve been meaning to tidy up my bedroom for ages but haven’t been enthusiastic about tackling the mess, but I FINALLY did!!!

So there you have it. I wouldn’t say that this week was my ‘typical’ week, mainly because I have this week off work. But I do hope that you enjoyed seeing what I got up to during my week off. In my future blog posts, I’ll let you into what a typical week of my looks, is when I’m back at work and don’t have the holiday blues. Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments, and I’ll be sure to answer them for you!

Love ya,

Leanne x

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