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Weekly Wants: Budget Vs High End: Interior

Oh hey! I’m back with another Budget Vs High End edition. Today’s picks are all interior focused = From planters to mirrors. So whether your looking to splash out or on a tight £££ budget, well i’ve got you covered. Hope you enjoy!


Affordable Blog Props.

I’m not going to be sitting here pretending that my photography skills are 100% perfection. Cos lets be completely honest….there not! But i do certainly hope that my skill have improved slightly, since my first blog. 


My Favourite Cath Kidston Pieces.

I’ve never been a handbag kind of girl, but when i’m going somewhere i like to be able to put my car keys and money in. What i tend to go for is crossover bag and a rucksack, as they are so easy to wear and comfortable. ‘Cath Kidston’ by far one of my favourite bag brand. I really love  there unique designs and collections. So here we have it, my favourite cath kidston pieces.


My Mini Primark Shopping Spree

It’s being a little while since I’ve been to primark. Since i went and it didn’t consist of me going completely mad. So here is my mini primark shopping spree. I went at the begin of September and i must say, this years autumn collection is probably by far there the best. Even though it still feels like summer, i do like the thought of knowing that autumn is just around the comer.


Five Of My Favourite Blazers

I love blazer like jackets. I like that you can wear a blazer at both day and night. So i thought that in today’s post, i would go ahead share five of my favourite go-to blazers. 


Four Of The Easiest House Plants To Have

I’m not much of a green-finger…I’ve had my fair share of casualties, but i really love having plants dotted around my house. I particularly plants that don’t need much care or attention. But anyways, i thought i would go ahead and share four of the easiest house plants to have…here we go!


The Truth About Life After Uni

The truth about life after uni. As after studying for the last 3 to 4 years,  your life  pretty much consists of assignment papers, exams, hanging out with friends. When that time come to finally graduate from college/university, can be exciting!


Ways To Boost Self-Confidence

For years, I have always had issues with myself-confidence – especially with how i think other people think about me. I’ve tired to tell myself don’t be bothered about what other’s may think, but can find that to be really hard. I’ve somehow got this image of what a perfect life should look like. I.e. nice house, expensive car and have nice holidays. But can that really make you happy. The answer is… probably not! What i find that makes me truly happy, is to spend as much time as i possibly can with family and friends. 


My Holiday Essentials

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! So i thought it would be a good time, to sit down and talk about all of my holiday essential…..ya know the important ones, that you never want to forget.