30 Day Self Love Challenge

Are you wanting to learn yourself more this year? To be kinder to yourself? To appreciate yourself more? Then it’s time for the 30 day self love challenge to get you into healthy habits to help improve the way you feel. Here’s a guideline for a self-love challenge, giving you a new task every day …

My Favourite Cath Kidston Pieces.

I’ve never been a handbag kind of girl, but when i’m going somewhere i like to be able to put my car keys and money in. What i tend to go for is crossover bag and a rucksack, as they are so easy to wear and comfortable. ‘Cath Kidston’ by far one of my favourite bag brand. I really love  there unique designs and collections. So here we have it, my favourite cath kidston pieces.

My Mini Primark Shopping Spree

It’s being a little while since I’ve been to primark. Since i went and it didn’t consist of me going completely mad. So here is my mini primark shopping spree. I went at the begin of September and i must say, this years autumn collection is probably by far there the best. Even though it still feels like summer, i do like the thought of knowing that autumn is just around the comer.