5 Places I Would Love To Visit In The World

HEY. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I thought I would pop on to talk about a few places from my bucket list that I would love to visit. Travelling is by far one of my favourite things to do, especially when I get to visit new countries.


Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have gone on regular family holidays and got to travel around the world, from America, France, and Spain to Greece. Even though I had the opportunity, I still want to visit more places, especially countries like Arizona. Cos come on it looks so bloody beautiful in pictures. 


Oh, just look how perfect Canada looks in this picture…with the most beautiful mountain scenery. There are so many places in Canada I would love to visit, but Niagara falls would be my top 1 of the things that I would like to tick off my list. The helicopter ride and boat trip both sound amazing too.


What can I say… Hawaii has been a childhood dream of mine, for a very long time. Every time I watch tv shows like Hawaii… it makes me want to go there even more. Those beautiful views and sandy white beaches are to die for! I can imagine myself laying there all day…okay maybe not all day, but every other day. 


OMG, if ever get the chance to see how beautiful Australia is for myself…especially Sydney, then i will one happy girl!  I would really love to tick Sydney bridge of my list of things to do. Oh..and i can’t forget to mention those beautiful Australian sunrises and sunsets! 


You may have started to see a theme going on…but come on, who loves the chance to explore beautiful countries New Zealand is no exception! Come on…just look at those mountain views. So peaceful and relaxing it looks too. Another thing, why I love New Zealand so much is one minute you can be exploring the city and then the next you get to see the picturesque scenery and countryside views.

I love to create Bucket Lists every so often. So >Click Here<  for a few bucket list ideas that might help with yours. Enjoy x

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