An Outgrown Bob Is The Perfect Transitional Chop For Longer Hair

You know me, I’m always in the mood for some beautiful hair inspo, but one worthy rendition of the trusty, classic bob that we all love is the outgrown bob. It can be very daunting to go for the big chop and we can all relate to the “chop to not to chop” dilemma – on one hand, the extra dreamy inches we accumulate in between cuts can make us question whether or not we are fully committed to whole XXL Rapunzel look or the dead ends are just not the look you are trying to go for and want the lot chopped and be done with it?!

outgrown bob hairstyle

Yes, you’ve guessed correct….that is where we are heading with this blog. The outgrown bob is a great, versatile length if you after the cool-girl appeal of a bob, while still keeping enough length to be able to style your hair into a low bun, ponytail or high top-knot. It does hit the sweet spot between a brand new, fresh look while you won’t have to feel too uncomfortable short. Also, it’s a good transitional step to something a little bolder in the future – that if you ever fancy going even shorter at your next chop.

So, if an outgrown bob sounds like your kind of hairstyle, then here are 4 ways that you can wear it…

Straight Blunt Outgrown Bob

Platinum Blonde Outgrown Bob

Curly Outgrown Bob

Side-Parted Outgrown Bob

Wavy Outgrown Midi Length Bob

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