HIYA! In this weeks beauty edition is going to be on the Superdrug Kale Face Mask. Lately, have been loving using face masks. I try to put one on at least twice a week. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels, as well as how bright and dewy my skin looks.

I love superdrug, especially their own-brand skincare…it’s great. But if you know me well, your will know i’m very picky, when it comes to face masks. So even though i was excited about trying out their new ‘We Love Facemask’ range, i was still a little sceptical. 

The ‘We Love Facemasks’ range have been designed to look fresh and rustic – similar to the food you would find on a supermarket shelf. There are three food related facemask available – Blueberry Jam, Kale and Charcoal. The ingredients used aren’t all completely natural – cos there lots of ingredients in there too, however what is great about all of superdrug’s own-brand skincare, is that they are cruelty-free! As of now, i have only tried the kale mask and so far i am really liking it….and for only £3.29 a pot, this is a pretty good mask – especially if your on a budget.

The kale mask is a really smooth and creamy clay mask, that is designed to give your skin a good dose of vitamins, as well as containing antioxidants which do a number of things including tightening pores, reducing dark circles, promoting collagen, increasing cell turnover and acting as very effective anti-inflammatory. Also because the mask contains kaolin clay, it’s ideal for oily skin as it helps to absorb excess oil.

Have you tried any of the ‘Superdrug’s We Love Facemasks’ pots? Which mask is your fave?

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