My Everyday Long Hair Routine.

It’s been well over a year since i decided that i wanted to grow my hair. The length of my hair is now around 24″ long…Yep, 24″ – I know right, i haven’t really realised how long my hair has become until i’ve sat down to write this blog post. 

So far having been really loving having long hair, as well as the whole new hair routine and my new favourite hair care products that i want to share with you guys. 

So i thought today, i would go ahead and share my ‘day-to-day’ hair routine….a sort of  ‘step by step’ on hair wash day. I don’t really know how well this post is gonna turn out because you could say that film myself would actually be so much easier, as me trying to explain ‘how i style my hair’ through blogging is a little tricky. So bare with….i’m gonna try my best.

Step 1: Once i’ve gotten out of the shower, i tend to take my just washed, just brushed hair and start off by applying a squeeze of ‘O’real Elvive Dream Lengths No Cut Cream’ into the ends and throughout the bottom half of my hair. I have been loving this stuff for past 6 months. I love how the enriched vitamin and oil basic formula, makes my hair feeling so smooth, plus getting to say goodbye to the frizz. I typical apply this cream between once to twice a week. 

Step 2: After i’ve applied my hair with cream, it’s time to turn it up a notch and get that hair dry. This part is where i don’t have any rhyme or reason, other than just going for it. I don’t separate my hair into sections, instead i literally just blast my hair. I find that by me doing it this way, it gives me a lot more volume….which is alway a bonus!

Step 3: Once my hair is completely dry and the straighteners are on, let’s start straightening. I know i said before that i don’t section my hair…well this part is where i start to separate my hair into sections – usually three. I find that it really helps my get those hard to reach pieces.

Step 4: When all of the sections have been straighten, i like shake things up a little and this where ‘L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray’ comes in.  I love this stuff, it help to gives my hair volume, you only need a couple of sprays and voila. Say hello to an almost instant ‘second hair day’ feel!

Step 5: About this time, i will brush everything out a little. Even though i’ve straighten my hair, i still prefer a volumized, more natural look. At this stage, how i brush my hair is running my finger though -this help to stop my hair from becoming frizzy.

Step 6: And the final step, adding the finishing touches. A little extra spray of hairspray here and there – help to keep everything ‘in place’. I LOVE the ‘ L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray’ as it’s it’s light and doesn’t leave you hair feeling sticky or looking dirty. And that’s it a wrap !! We are done.

I’m fully aware since i’ve written it all down, that it sound alot….but in all honesty, it only take be on average around 10-15 minute to straighten and style my hair. Even though shorter hair is easier to manage, i still love having longer hair.

I do hope you like this post and that i ‘kind of’ made sense. Cos when i’m explaining these sorts of thing, i find them to be a little tricky. So if you have any questions about the products or the steps then don’t hesitate to ask me!

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