Classic Cocktail With A Festive Twist

Just because your unable to go out for happy at the pubs and bars, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the occassional happy hour at home with these merry and drinkable festive cocktails.

While i don’t suggested knocking back a few too many cocktails, as it’s not the most responisble way to deal with everything 2020 has and still is throwing at us, but a merry mjito that is enjoyed in a sensible moderation can certianly help matters and provide you with the perfect excuse to rasie a glass to our resilience this year.

So station yourseleves right by the bar cart and make yourself the occassioal festive drink. 

clear wine glass

Winter Apersol Spiritz

Are you sad about giving up your favourite summer tipple? I’m here to let you know i can fill the void with this suitable drinkable winter edition aperol spiritz.

strawberry juice with slice lime on side

Christmas Margarita

This classic tequila base, blended with cranberry juice, orange-flavoured liqueur and lime juice. 

Prosecco and Sloe Gin Cocktail Recipes | Gin & Tonicly

Sloe Gin Bellini

This is perfect for a brunch-like cocktail, when you are opening up the presents and wanting to lubricate those mid-morning bagels. This sloe-secco is the new prosecco people.  

Coffee Buzz Martini | Garlic & Zest


This rich and luxurious take on the classic coffee-flavoured cocktail – it will get you into the holiday spirit. 

What festive cocktail will you be drinking this christmas?

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