Gifts That The Whole Family Will Be Wanting To Steal From You.

Whatever your household goes by – ‘Dirty Santa, Stealing Santa’- this classic game with the family has got to be one of the festive traditions that wouldn’t feel the same without. 

If your unfamiler, it’s a cheeky pastime that involves all guests to bring a gift that can be enjoyed by all. You then plonking the gifts in the middle if a circle or santa’s sack -if your want to be more festive- before drawing a player to go first, selecting a gift on your turn and then once the presents have ran out, steal from your fellow participants. 

But first, find the right gift for this -free-for-all can be a real heachache though, so i’ve put this guide together which will hopefully take away the stress and has all you could need to cater for every kind of pal or your auntie/uncle that you only see twice a year. 

Are you sneeky?! Well if you have said yes, then you could attempt leaving your own present contribution out. They’re simply too good to part with!

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