4 Important Tips To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Of course, stress is an inevitable part of our everyday lives, and having a little stress can be a positive thing; by making you motivated and enjoy the thing that you are doing, but on the other hand having too much stress can take a huge toll on your body and mind. So please, remember that your goal shouldn’t be to eliminate stress from your life completely as that is just setting you up for failure, instead find ways that will help to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your life where possible.

In today’s blog post, I’ve put together 4 important tips to reduce stress in your life that can hopefully help you get started on your journey to decreasing your stress levels.

Take some out of your daily life for “me time”

When life gets busy, there can be a “snowball” effect – where you become busier and busier, and this can happen without you even realising it. If you don’t take time out of your busy everyday life, the “snowball” with just get bigger and bigger, causing it to be harder to stop and leading to you becoming burnt out, whereas if you interrupt the “snowball” before it gets too big, it can be better for the long run. So make sure to take some time out regularly, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Have awareness of you surroundings

Having acknowledgement of how much you do and how much of it requires your body, mind and heart. So being aware of how stress impacts our well-being can help us to motivate ourselves to interrupt the stress cycle and prioritize rejuvenation.

Set yourself boundaries

Give yourself a few boundaries like; setting aside a lunch break and if work from home stop working at 5pm [if possible], as having boundaries in place can help to support us in making meaningful priorities and letting go of things that don’t provide us with nourishment.

When you decide what your boundaries a going to be, think about how certain things can help support you, start with a value you have, then determine what you need to make that value possible and see how you can honour that need.

Bring all your tips and techniques to reduce stress your life altogether

Stress is a tricky thing, as it can affect and have a huge impact on the body’s ability to effectively do its job properly. E.g. If you’re in a rush you tend to go for a quick unhealthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner or you might even skip a meal, but if you’re not rushing around then you’ll probably choose to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember, the body won’t be able to digest and absorb all the healthy and amazing nutrients that you consumed if you too stress and constantly rushing around.


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