Iced Drinks That You Need To Order When Your Not A Big Fan Of Coffee

I’ve rounded up a few new tasty additions that this summer menu has to offer so you won’t need to miss out again. atm, it’s iced coffee season but if you’re not a big coffee drinker and also don’t do fomo either….well, there is plenty of no-coffee iced beverages that will keep you cool all summer.

Mango & Coconut Quencher

mango & coconut quencher

This refreshing blend of creamy coconut that is paired with zingy mango and makes the ultimate thirst quencher = a summer in a cup.

Price: £4.00

Where can you get it from: Caffe Nero

Strawberry Acai Refresha

strawberry acar refresha

Starbuck in the UK is taking on America’s Strawberry Acai Refresha, which has a blend of sweet strawberry flavours accented with acai notes and shaken with real strawberries. And for the sweater taste, it asks for lemonade instead of water = A pure summer vibes!

Price: £5.35

Where can you get it from: Starbucks

Salted Caramel Frappe

salted caramel frappe

Love to indulgent, try this lush and creamy frappe with a rich swirl of caramel sauce, and that is topped with sugar crunch. You also have the option to have coffee and or no coffee, it’s delicious either way!

Price: £4.60

Where can you get it from: Costa

Passionfruit Raspberry Frappunccino

passionfruit raspberry frappunccino

New to Starbucks summer menu, this topical taste sensation that will see you through the heatwave. Featuring layers of passionfruit, raspberry and vanilla, as well as a pop of pink berry sprinkles – transporting you to a flung paradise, and it also a perfect on-the-go bev that will see you through the high temperatures. The hot hydrated summer start here!

Price: £5.70

Where can you get it from: Starbucks

Banana Spilt Cream Frappuccino

banana spilt cream frappuccion

A take on the classic banana spilt dessert, with layers of caramelised banana sauce and mocha, and finished off with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

Price: £5.70

Where can you get it from: Starbucks

Fuzetea Strawberry Mint Ice Tea

fuzetea berry mint ice tea

Similar to a pimm’s expect the sauce, this refreshing summer drink will go down a treat and will go so well with a picky bits beach BBQ.

Price: £3.60

Where can you it from: Costa

Cool Lime Refresha

cool lime refresha

If strawberry isn’t your thing? Try this lively blend of cool lime and citrus that has been shaken with a real slices of a delicious pick-me-up delivering zesty hydration. Serotonin is served.

Price: £5.35

Where can you get it from: Starbucks

I would love to know what your favourite iced drink is, from the summer menu? Let me know in the comments below…

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