Advice On How To Handle Huge Life Mistakes


It may come as a surprise to you guys that I’m not perfect. Throughout my 28 years, I have made a lot of mistakes, small ones and some that are a little hefty. It’s first worth noting that I’m not an expert in literally anything! So bare in mind that anything that it been mentioned in this blog post is just my personal experience but maybe there might be some advice on how to handle huge life mistakes.

I guess that the first thing you should think about when handling a huge life mistake is to realise that it’s a mistake. This hasn’t been an instant thing for me, it’s taken me a lot of time and process to be able to look back and think, “yep, I messed up”. Maybe, the reason why it’s taken me this long to get to a point where I can move on from making a mistake is pride or it’s just that I didn’t feel that bad at the time. To be honest, it isn’t always that easy to accept that you’ve may a mistake. Give yourself some grace.

I find that, once I’ve realised that I’ve done a mistake and accepted it, I always want to see what I can do practically to fix it. At the moment, what action can I do to make the situation better? If you’ve really effed up your finances/earning/taxes and there’s no way you can figure it out alone, seek help. Seeking help is amazing, but there’s a bit of a hurdle and that’s swallowing your pride. I’m a pretty pathetic women, who would rather get around something, than having to swallow my pride. I’m constantly surprised that anyone actually likes me lol.

how to handle life mistakes

So, recognise your mess, swallow your pride, ask for help and fix the problem.

Your mistake doesn’t have to be a practical one. It could be heart interweave huge life mistake, and can’t do anything practical at the moment. That’s where the old brain come in. Often it’s manageable to get yourself out of a sticky situation is to use your brain power. Self-care, forgiving yourself, regretting your late-night online order (or is that just me?), take space from things or people that are causing you problems/uneasiness, are all amazing ways to help. If your find that your brain power isn’t cutting it and you feel like you drowning instead of achieving anything, then there is NO shame in finding further help.

The thing that i have learnt (so far) deal with messy situations are the following:

  • Taking time away or creating space can be a hard thing to do at first, but beneficial. Even if you move away from the problem, temporarily. It can be easier to see the whole situation from afar.
  • Time is the best healer. You’ll be amazed at how time can just melt things away.
  • Being angry is like holding a hot stone, as you are only going to burn yourself. So let it go.
how to handle life mistakes

Anything that is pretty crucial in this whole ‘mistake topic’ is to apologise. I don’t believe I need to go into how to do this part, as it will differ for each scenario. Even so, it’s still worth considering. You may need to say sorry to someone else, or perhaps you need to say it to yourself. Apologising can be very hard, but after you can hold your head up high and that’s a good feeling.

I truly hope that this blog is helpful, but remember that this is not a guide on how to handle a mistake, but I’m still hopeful that it can offer you a bit of insight, and a pinch of wisdom!

Please feel free to tell me your tips, either in the comments below or message me across my socials. I’m @leannemariedenton on instagram and @leannedenton on twitter. I would love to hear from you!

Leanne xxx

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