University Myths vs Facts

Hello 🙂 I hope you are all okay? It’s a little over a year since i graduated from uni, but back when i was just about to head off to uni, i found thought out going to be one of most daunting experiences of my life to date. But throughout my studies i found it to be the most rewarding and life fulfilling. I also found a lot of my worries, fears and expectations to be untrue! So in today’s post, i thought i would help by distinguish a few of the myths from the truth.  

You Have To Be Rich ? 

The answer is no, you don’t have to be rich to go to Uni but on the other hand sometimes you may have limit your spending and budget you shopping bills, as you might not always have spare cash.

You Will Struggle To Pay Back Your Student Loan ? 

You might think this is strange question,  because the whole of point of going university is to better your future! Nevertheless, with how expensive tuition fees and maintenance are it can still be quite a scary thought. But the thing to remember is, you won’t have to start paying anything back until your annual income is £21,000 or over, so when you put it like that it isn’t as bad, as it first sounds.

You Will Have To Excel In Your First Year ?

Okay, I’m no way saying that you shouldn’t work hard, instead doss around for the whole of first year, e.g drinking and eating takeaway pizza every night. But still don’t get disappointed if the grades that you get aren’t the grades that you were hoping for, as the first years grades aren’t counted towards your final marks. So don’t worry too much…just think of it as a practice run! Don’t forget university is a very big step away from A levels, with the possibility of you living away from home, that might take a little while to adjust too. This might not be same for all universities, but the a pass mark for the university that I went too was 40%. This isn’t unreachable if you put in the work, but you do have put the effort in, by making sure you don’t skip too many lectures, as by the end of your semester it can be a pretty difficult target to achieve. The saying that has so far work for me is “the more you put in, the more you will get out”!

Another thing to bear in mind is that even though the first won’t count toward you final mark, but you still must make sure that you pass. The reason being, is that you need to pass in order to be able to move onto your second year. Plus, what you’ll learn in your first year at the start of your first semester will help you for other 2 years of your studies at uni, and even when you go for a job. So make sure you give yourself a good start and know your stuff…It will make life so much easier in the future!

Only Really Smart People Can Go To Uni ?

Many people believe that you have to be that person that always get’s straight A’s on every exam to ever get that chance of going to Uni. But that’s not always the case, as I know first that you don’t have to get straight A’s as myself never was that person, but guess what?! ….. I got the chance to go and study at a university.

Plus bear in mind that universities don’t just offer bachelor degree’s, masters or PHD’s, as there are so many other options such as; higher diplomas/certificates, extended certificates or even top up courses!

You Have To Make All Your Friend During Fresheners Week ?

There is an ongoing misconception when you become a new university starter, is that the people you see and hang out with during fresher’s week will be you best buddies for life…..but that isn’t always the case! In fact, some of the people that were in the same lecture,  I didn’t start hanging out with any of them properly until I was about halfway through my first year may be even my second year.

Don’t put pressure on yourself, it’s bad enough that you’ve recently move away, so give yourself a break! Trust me, everything will eventually start to fall into place before you know it. Things will most definitely change throughout your first year, especially friendships.

Partying Is An Essential Part Of Uni Life ?

Going clubbing with you mates can be fun, as well as it being a  good way to meet new people, but it’s still the only way to socialise. There are many others way to have a fun, like go to a cocktail night in or even host you own small dinner party. These can be a great budget-friendly way, plus by going a more small social event can often be the best to socialise and meet new people. 

If your life and not much of like partying, then a night in with your friends and watch Netflix and eat popcorn in your PJ’s can still be fun and memorable. 

Having A Part-Time Job Is Bad For Your Studies ?

Sometimes you can often hear uni students say that there workload is too intense for them to have a part-time jobs. While I wouldn’t never say that Uni course aren’t time consuming [some university do forbidden there students from getting a part-time job], but it’s still worth knowing that having a job can actually being a good thing for your studies. For example: ‘juggling Uni work and a part-time jobs take quite a bit of organisation’. So to a future employer, this might see to them that you are more likely to use you time much more wisely and tend to think ahead, compared to someone that has never work.

You Will Definitely Have A Job Once You Graduate ?

I’m not way to saying that you definitely won’t find a job straight after graduating, but instead to bear in mind that it may not be as easy as you may thing is will be. You might have to find any old job [such as; working in retail] just to tie you over until a job that you want comes up. Also don’t be disappointed if you don’t found that ideal job… it takes time some be patient. By having a job and getting experience is far better than having no job and getting no experience!!

So there we have it, here’s eight brief definition to university regarding myths and facts. Are thinking about uni or  have you already make the decision to take the next step?

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