My Favourite Movies RN.

Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week? 🙂 I thought i would do some think a little different with today’s blog. And with one of my favourite things i love to do to relax after a long day at work, is come home take my make up, lay in bed and watch movies for the rest of the evening. I find by watching movies to a great way to just unwind an distress. So are a few of my favourite go to movies atm!



This is more for the shower, but if you love a shower gel that smells fabulous, then this is one for you. This is by far my favourite scent….I love how it makes you feel and smell amazing. Plus, it’s super affordable. So really…What more could you want?

Simple Pollution Protection Sheet Mask

This sheet masks, is so bloody lovely and really satisfying to put on. It’s really moisturisers and re-hydrates your skins. So great to put on and then relax in the bath. Another good time about this mask is that, you just need rub the excess into your ski. It’s all about you skin feeling fresh and amazing and this is exactly what this does.

Percy & Reed –  Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

I often don’t use hair masks, but when  i’m having a pamper night this is definitely one of my go-to products. I just love how my hair feels after giving my hair a little TLC. There’s honestly no fuss… just put the mask on your hair and then relax, before washing it out. 

ST.Ives Apricot Scrub

This iconic apricot scrub contains 100% natural exfoliants, that is great for deeply cleansing you skin. I don’t usually go for a exfoliating scrub, but after seeing this i thought i would give it a go…and i LOVE it!!!! It really like how it leave your skin with a smooth, soft and radiant feel.  


Lately, i’m loving these tissue masks from Garnier skinactive moisture bomb super-hydrating range. They are very reasonable priced and are really worth trying out. If your after a mask that intensely moisturises dehydrated and dull skin and improving the appearance of fine lines, then this definitely one for you! Just pop on your face and relax. 


I know, another garnier skinactive mask. I told ya I love them! And if you someone who has dry and sensitive skin that is prone to tightness, then this soothing mask is prefect for you. It gently hydrates, comforts and soothes the skin which helps to reduces the feeling of tightness. It also makes you feel amazing and leaves your skin so much softer. 

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