University Life Whilst Living At Home!


After finishing my A levels, I choose to study Computer Networks Engineering at The University of Northampton. But i had a very difference experience compared to the usually uni life. The reason being, is that I made the conscious decision not to move away to Uni, but instead to stay at home and commute to and from uni lectures. Look back on my decision was probably one the best decision that have ever made [ i know not everyone can do this or that it’s just not for them ]….still don’t get me wrong, it was still the longest and hardest three year of my life; including having my fair share of the highs and lows from a very intense work schedule!

The Commute  

During the first couple of weeks of starting uni the commute to and from lectures definitely make me extra tired, especially having to get there for a 9 o’clock lecture and not finishing classes until around 6 o’clock and top still having a 30 minute’s drive home. The good news is, within a month or so you gradually start getting into a routine, and become much better at organizing  and by your second and third year it will just become second nature to you. But unfortunately the tiredness stay’s for pretty much your whole time at uni! 


Being a fresher can feel very overwhelming, as well constantly feeling like your in a rush, especially when you have your first lot of assignments. Whilst also trying to attend every social union event [to flat honest that is never gong to be possible ]. The best way I found to not become too overwhelmed with everything, was to have a very simple and easy routine to follow; especially when it came to the dread deadlines [lets be honest that most probably everyone’s worst week]! But if you have a simple plan that can be maintained, you may probably find yourself still having a good social life! {A good social life in your first year of uni is very important, even if you aren’t living on university campus}. But you should still never  putting yourself under pressure if you don’t have a set plan…..there’s no such thing as a right or wrong way to do things. Whatever works well for….that’s most important thing is that you meet all of your deadlines and achieving the grades that want. Cos that’s main the reason why you have chosen to go to university.


When your living on campus, you never think twice when going to student union event or having nights out with fellow class mates, but unfortunately when you live a fair distance from Uni, socialising can be difficult….especially if you are planning on staying out.

The Workload 

The first year of Uni is probably going to be to both your best and hardest year of your whole Uni life experience. Mainly due to the fact that you are having to firstly figure out how to live on your own [including; budgeting your own food shop to cooking your own dinner every night] and secondly making sure that you are attending lectures on time and handing in assignments on time.

When you get to your second and third year, you mostly already mastered living on your own, but you may find that the modules are getting harder and you don’t always have much spare time to social anymore. And that’s where being organised and keeping to a plan comes in very handy.

The main three things that went by is to make a start to my each of my assignments as soon as I got them, then I would force one assignment a day. {For example; I would force on my computer systems assignment on Mondays, database on Tuesdays, Networks on Wednesdays and some on for the rest of my other assignment}. Also I would make sure to have rest day, so for me they would be Saturdays and Sundays; mainly because I worked but if I wasn’t then I would going out with friends or spend time with family.

Part-Time Work 

Like I previous mention, I did work throughout my three years at Uni. I am aware that not everyone can or wants to work, but I choice to work my reasons was to pay towards the commuting expensive. Some of my friends I knew worked during the week after lectures, but I just worked weekends, as I found it much easier with studies. Working all weekend and studying full-time every day during the week isn’t easy at all and if anyone told you is was then they would be lying. I found by me working did bring some benefits, one main thing being is to be around people that don’t go to Uni so you end up talking about what TV series on good to watch or talking about the latest gossip. I very important not to completely surround yourself with people that have everything in common with your, as you may find yourself becoming very boring and not preforming as well as you hope. 

Benefits Of Living At Home

The most obvious benefits of not moving away to Uni is you get to save, save and save. Also you don’t have worry about budgeting your shopping bills nor do you have to cook your dinner every night { which is always a bonus }.

Would I Change My Mind About Going To Uni? 

Even though university wasn’t the easiest thing that I’ve done, but nevertheless it has turn out to be the most rewarding and the best experience so far in my life. It has taught me that I’m capable of doing so much more than I ever thought was possible. So the answer to the question is, nope I wouldn’t change my choice of going to Uni but on the other hand I would most definitely like to of attended a lot more student union event and had gone on nights out with other classmates.

If you’re thinking or having have already made the decision to go to university then firstly good luck! Secondly I would love to hear about your preferred University that  you would like to go and  study at ?

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