My Favourite Cath Kidston Pieces.

I’ve never been a handbag kind of girl, but when i’m going somewhere i like to be able to put my car keys and money in. What i tend to go for is crossover bag and a rucksack, as they are so easy to wear and comfortable. ‘Cath Kidston’ by far one of my favourite bag brand. I really love  there unique designs and collections. So here we have it, my favourite cath kidston pieces.

The rucksack that i went for this time was the ‘Cath Kidston Aster Backpack’. It’s a great addition and goes together really well with pretty much any outfit choice. Another thing i love about a backpack, is that you can fit so much stuff into it – So less things to carry by hand…Bonus!

If you like something smaller, this ‘Cath Kidston Bennett Cross Body’ bag is a great alternative. Your still able to put all of your essentials like, phone, wallet sized purse and keys. It also come with two small zipped pockets, one inside  and the another one is on the front.

The purse that choice was the ‘Cath Kidston Busby Bunch Continental wallet’ purse – because you can fit £5, £10, £20 and £50 without getting  them creased. There’s 12 card slots, so there plenty of room for your cards and also a zipped coin pocket.

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