My Mini Primark Shopping Spree

It’s being a little while since I’ve been to primark. Since i went and it didn’t consist of me going completely mad. So here is my mini primark shopping spree. I went at the begin of September and i must say, this years autumn collection is probably by far there the best. Even though it still feels like summer, i do like the thought of knowing that autumn is just around the comer.

I find t-shirts to be so comfy, they are definitely my go-to. I also like a t-shirt with slogans…and this t-shirt that i borough from primark was no different. You can never go wrong with a plain white top that has a french slogan on it. 

There’s not really much to say, apart from  you can never own too many black trainer socks. I own probably own well over 20 pairs of the same exact pair’s of socks. But come on…there so easy to pair up with some trainers and ankle grazer jeans.

Since autumn is only weeks away, i thought i would treat myself to a new cardigan. This definitely my new favourite…and OMG it’s so, so, so soft! And for only being £13, i think that’s a bargain.

Just Fashion Now (UK)
Cashmere in Love

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