Quite often i find that staying in beats going out any day – especially when in pizza is involved. Just the thought of going out for dinner make me feel exhausted. Instead my prefect night in, having fabulously company, watching Netflix and eating good food.  

I love pizza. If i could, i would probably eat it for my dinner everyday. So instead of out going or ordering a takeaway, i thought would the bring pizza to me….in the shape of pre-made dough ball. I know this is kind of cheating, but to be truly honest, i really just cba – all i wanted to do is throw everything together and eat the whole thing!


Let’s go ahead and start off with the dough…you could probably already tell that i like to make things myself, but you know what, i was super impressed with these pre make dough balls from ASDA. Even though you have actually made the dough, because you have to roll the dough balls out, it sort of makes you feel like it homemade.

Both me and  my friend went for a more traditional thin, classic circle. But whatever shape, they all turned out equally delicious. 

Cheese is obviously the main focus we had various types. Starting with mozzarella, as well as the classic cheddar. We had two different bases, a traditional tomato one and a BBQ one.  We had tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn, beef and roasted peppers.

We ended the evening/night by stuffing our our face with pizza and watching films on the sofa. These kinds of night are be absolute faves…i love to just chill and do nothing but talk & watch crappy tv.

I was so impressed by the pizza, i would totally recommend that next time you fancy a pizza and really cba to cook or need something simple cos your in a rush, grab a couple of these and throw whatever you have in the fridge on top! They were delicious. What s you favourite pizza?

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