Sneaky Ways To Hide Roots In-Between Visits Your Next Hairdresser Appointment

Have your roots come through and are you in between visits to your next hairdresser appointment? You are in luck, as in today’s blog post I thought I would share some ideas for sneaky ways to hide roots in between visits to the hairdressers.

Wear accessories.

Never underestimate the power of hair accessories. They are perfect for covering up roots that are in need of fresh colour, while still looking polished and chic! Plus, hair accessories can be used to cover grey hair and look trendy. Headbands, pins. Scarves all really work well in covering those annoying grey roots and making you look AF! Also, if you need some extra coverage, you have the option to reach for wider headbands.

Use tinted dry shampoo.

Do you have some unwanted grey roots? Consider purchasing a bottle of tinted dry shampoo. While traditional dry shampoos are great for refreshing hair and removing excess oil, tinted versions can also hide grey roots. Spray the desired areas and enjoy a fresh look with no more grey roots.

Change your hair parting.

It is not uncommon for grey roots to make an appearance at the temples and in areas where hair is parted. Should you find yourself in such a situation, a quick fix to consider is flipping your hair to one side. This simple technique can help to mask any visible signs of grey roots and keep you looking your best.

It is a quick and easy way if you after a quick solution that can hold the grey roots that make you look younger in a minute.

Use your makeup palette.

Most of us have collections of everyday neutral makeup palettes at home. While they work wonders for enhancing a neutral makeup look, they can also be used to cover up roots. Although it may take a bit longer to achieve the desired coverage, the final result is worth it. Additionally, eye shadow can serve as a substitute for dry shampoo…

Dust a little coating of baby powders.

For light or pale-coloured hair, you can opt for baby powder to help disguise dark roots and absorb oils. You will only need to use a sprinkle of baby powder – a little dusting at a time, then add more if need be.

Opt for mascara or eyebrow gel on dark hair.

For those with dark hair, incorporating mascara into your hair care routine can be a helpful solution for concealing any pesky grey roots that may be peeking through. Not only does mascara provide coverage, but it can also provide a glossy, dark pigment that complements the shade of your eyelashes. This simple trick can help you achieve a more cohesive and polished look.

Add volume.

To achieve a more even hair colour, it’s best to add volume to the roots by lifting the hair off the scalp. This makes colour inconsistencies less noticeable. Additionally, if you have flat or slightly greasy hair, using dry shampoo can help build the body and absorb oil. This creates a textured and voluminous look, camouflaging the roots while adding more volume to your hair.


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