8 Of The Best Hyaluronic Acid and Serums To Add To Your Skincare Routine This Summer

Is your skincare routine in need of a real shake-up? Or are you just looking for something that will elevate your skincare routine? Anyways, hyaluronic acid serum may already be on your radar, but the word ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ may sound a little scary, but it is far from it. You might be very surprised to know that hyaluronic acid is a ‘polysaccharide’ which is naturally produced by the human body. The short answer is that the function is to make sure that our skin, holds onto moisture and doesn’t allow water to evaporate from the skin. And the good news is that it works great on all skin types, regardless of age.

Using the best hyaluronic acid serums is a simple extra step to your daily skincare routine that will make all the difference. It is recommended to be applied shortly after you’ve cleaned your skin but before using any kind of thick product; like face oils and moisturisers. If you’re wanting to take one further to achieve an even better result, then feel to combine the hyaluronic acid serum with a vitamin C serum – this will give your skin an added boost of plumping and brightening.

Curious about what’s the best hyaluronic acid serums that are currently on the market, continue to read on, as I’ve put together a selection of products for all budgets and preferences.

Thisworks® | Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum £29.60

Moon Juice | Plump Jelly Hyaluronic Serum £47.42

Mario Badescu | Vitamin C Serum £42.50

OSEA | Hyaluronic Sea Serum £71.95

Balance Me | Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum £30

Dr. Barbara Sturm | Hyaluronic Serum £85

Evolve | Hyaloronic Serum £30

LaNeige | Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum £35

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